With Netflix losing customers left and right and Hulu in a bit of a holding pattern with a long-discussed sale yet to happen, the market for streaming content seems ripe for competition. Yahoo, still somehow profitable despite Geocities being a helluva long time ago, has decided to try to corner the market with their own video hub, Screen.

At first glance, it seems as if Yahoo has spent a lot of time on the project, carrying original content, achieving a well-organized interface that has managed to categorize most of the meme videos it has strewn across its network of sites, and apparently having hashed out deals with all the big TV  and Internet channels—from NBC to Discovery to Funny Or Die—even if for now, some of those partnerships involve Yahoo linking out to external sites including even Hulu. Having hooked up with ABC News for its own news content earlier this week, expect some ABC exclusives to hit Screen, too.

Check it out here.

[via Gizmodo]