Lean, mean, and green, The Incredible Hulk’s version of the Jade Giant smashed Ang Lee’s ill-fated 2003 attempt at the character. As the second movie at the newly created Marvel Studios, The Incredible Hulk was unfortunately the victim of endless in-fighting between the studio, director Louis Leterrier, and Edward Norton. This led to a movie that packed in a lot of brawn, with very little brains behind it.

The film’s crowning achievement, however, was the creation of the Hulk himself. Crafted by the special effects artists at Rhythm and Hues, this Hulk looked more like the feral Sal Buscema version from the '80s, rather than resembling a purple pants wearing Shrek like Ang’s version.

Not only could this Hulk tear apart Army jeeps and turn police cars into makeshift boxing gloves, but he could also share a quiet scene with Betty Ross in a rain drenched cave and convey emotion like any great movie monster.