UPDATE 10/5/2011: This soundboard was published just one day before the unexpected passing of Steve Jobs, but it's now more relevant than ever. Remember the legendary CEO by clicking on our collection of his most memorable words. RIP, Steve. 

For legions of Apple fans, today, October 4, 2011, is bittersweet. At a press conference in Cupertino, Calif., the highly anticipated latest iPhone model will be unveiled. Only the man on stage will not be Steve Jobs wearing his trademark black mock turtleneck, stonewashed jeans, and wire framed glasses. Instead, Tim Cook, the newly minted CEO of the company Jobs co-founded 35 years ago, will assume the roll as the face of Apple, Inc.

Though we’re sure Tim Cook is going to do fine as the head guy in charge, we would be lying through our keys if we said we were not saddened by the reality that Steve Jobs, who resigned from Apple at the end of August, may never again give another of his famous keynote speeches. As you know, Jobs is as much a part of Apple as the Macintosh or the iPod or the iPhone. Watching him introduce a new product was almost as great as the gadget itself. It’s with that in mind that we decided to compile some of our favorite Steve Jobs moments and quotes—both scathing and inspirational—and create The Steve Jobs Soundboard. Enjoy.