We were pleasantly surprised after last night's season premiere of The Walking Dead exceeded our expectations, but we certainly didn't think the show was going to pull down the monster ratings that it did. According to Coming Soon, the first episode of season two brought in 7.3 million viewers, which easily makes it the most viewed single drama telecast in basic cable history.

The highly coveted 18-49 demographic improved by 36% compared to last season's average. That is the demographic that television networks look at the most, and success with that audience often ensures future seasons for shows.

AMC may have taken a lot of shots over the past few months after the firing of producer Frank Darabont, but this season premiere not only improved upon last year's episodes, it also showed that The Walking Dead can stand tall against other critically acclaimed shows on the network like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. With these monster ratings basically guaranteeing future seasons of The Walking Dead, we just have to sit back and hope the show doesn't fizzle out like it did last year. 

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