First Appeared: BioShock (2008)
Founding Father: Ken Levine
Notable Residents: Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan, Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum

Sure, it's full of splicers, genetically mutated junkies who want nothing more than to shout terrifyingly misplaced notions (just like Alzheimer's patients) at you while ripping you limb from limb. But Rapture is also an engineering marvel. Unlike another underwater city on this list, this one is supposed to be there. Full of a society of people refusing the harsh truths of the post-war world they inhabit, and instead trying to splinter off into a faction of productive and happily deluded individuals who spent the rest of their days in an underwater paradise, Rapture, of course, doesn't work out, but it makes for a wonderfully designed social experiment. Each new wing speaks to some new element of the human condition, and the specific ways in which each falls apart are tragic and captivating. Add some little girls with big syringes and their man-o-war-wearing guardians and this world becomes an obsessive pleasure to reveal. The '20s and '30s aesthetic mixed with the alternate history makes this the most successful and well-made steampunk game in existence.