Procedure: Grafting an old white racist’s head onto a black man’s body

Director Lee Frost and the rest of his The Thing With Two Heads team might have thought they were making an outlandish yet meaningful statement about race relations when they assembled this cheapo ’70s exploitation flick. If so, mission nowhere near accomplished.

We’d like to think that they had less pretentious intentions. The silly film’s plot is hilariously absurd: An old, dying honky (Ray Milland) requests to have his head placed onto a healthy person’s body, but his noggin ends up getting attached the body of a plus-sized black dude (Rosey Grier). And, naturally, the Caucasian half isn’t at all pleased that his brain-box has been put next to that of “one of those people”; the black guy, meanwhile, is just happy that he’s avoided death via electric chair for a crime he didn’t commit.

The Thing With Two Heads straddles the line between schlocky horror and action-filled Blaxploitation; the fact that it doesn’t settle onto either side of said line is a non-factor. Taken as a ridiculous piece of grindhouse cinema, it’s a racially obvious and surgically illogical laugh machine.