The Transformers franchise has been around for close to 30 years but hardly any light has ever been shed on the actual fall of Cybertron. That is all going to change next Fall as High moon Studios takes us inside the final days of the Autobot-Decepticon civil war that ultimately destroyed the planet.

Cybertron is hallowed ground, not just in the Transformers universe but for Hasbro in general. Hardly anyone has been allowed to depict the infamous planet until High Moon was given free reins for War for Cybertron; we are extremely glad to hear that they are the same crew that is going to be allowed to chronicle the planet’s fall in Transformers; Fall of Cybertron.

The final battle for the planet is going to be truly epic. We’re talking Grimlock versus Optimus Prime epic, as you can see in the first trailer for the game above.