Yesterday, a man smacked his car into 13 civilian vehicles and four cop cars in Moscow. After leading police on a chase, he was finally brought to a stop. Right before being arrested, the driver stepped out of the car full of liquor and without his clothes. What's up with the naked, drunk driving this month?

The man was later identified as Vitaly G., and when asked what the hell he was thinking, he replied that he was "flying on the wings of love." Come on, man. He elaborated, saying that his lover told him the day before that "she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship." Maybe unstable behavior like this is why she chose to break it off.

Love hurts and all, but he most likely hated himself as soon as he sobered up. The authorities probably won't take pity on him, so he'll have to pray he didn't just ride the wings of love straight to jail.

[via Gawker and AFP]