This is seriously the year of Marvel. Thor, Captain America, and the X-Men all had movies this past summer that were awesome. And now, here come the games.

X-Men: Destiny features three new mutants that you take on a story mode, where you level up your character (one of three) and also have to make choices on whether you want to be good or evil.

And Spider-Man: Edge of Time, follows up on the last Spider-man game, Shattered Dimensions, which was one of our fave Spider-Man games of all time.

What’s cool about these two titles is that they’re both about choices. Choices you make in X-Men: Destiny will determine which side you go on, and in Edge of Time, depending on what you do with the Amazing Spider-Man version, it will impact the 2099 Spider-Man version, making your choices imperative, so choose wisely.

What we played on the show floor was fluid and fun. Crawling around in Edge of Time and attacking felt just as right as it did in the last game, and attacking and running about in X-Men: Destiny was enjoyable, too.

We haven’t gotten around to playing either of these games yet but we’re looking forward to them. Time shall tell.