In addition to faster iPhones and upgraded iPod Touches, Apple also presented two new apps that will debut with iOS 5 on October 12: Find My Friends and Cards

Find My Friends will allow iPhone users to locate friends also using an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads) on a map. Of course, those friends will have to agree to be located using the app's privacy controls, which Apple says will be simple to navigate. 

Cards is a bit more old fashioned. Similar to the greeting card feature found in iPhoto, users will be able to design cards based on photos on your phone. Once complete, Apple will print the card, add postage, and mail it to the intended recipient. Scott Forstall of Apple says the company will "print it on high quality 100% cotton paper," and then "affix Apple designed postage to the card.” Each card will cost $2.99 when mailed to a US address and $4.99 if sent internationally. 

[via gdgt