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What happens when you add emotional depth to one of the greatest sources of Internet ephemera? This silly two-minute clip originally was one of five bumper videos created to play before films during this year's South by Southwest film festival. It combines the throwback nostalgia of the universe's greatest plumber with a dark, anti-romantic storyline reminiscent of The War of the Roses. All the major players from the video game are accounted for, including Mario and Luigi Mario in their traditional outfits, Bowzer as a hipster asshole villain, and the Goomba as a quasi-Jersey Shore-like douchebag

The video doesn't go all David Lynch or Darren Aronofsky on us, but the little winks and nudges like Mario's addiction to "mushrooms" and popping star pills that make him feel invincible are all quite nice. 

[via Game Informer]