This summer ran away faster than a radio rapper's advance money. Bong! Gone, like that $5,000 love seat! Now we get ready for the season formerly known as "fall", now called "Kinda like August and January if they were Siamese twins…". The parents of the world buy clothes and supplies for the coming school year, we debate politics, though most of us know more about mountain oysters than running the country. We put away the bulk of our summer wares, bust out the sweaters and hoods, and we prepare for all the green we've been staring at to brown up and disappear from the branches. The difference today is that the globe is no longer warming… It's damn near lava hot. Review the last few months' worth of bananas eater reports, then cop your rations and hunker down cause this winter is gonna be a fucking doozy.

It's interesting that despite annual seasonal changes and recently purchasing duct tape and saran wrap by the palette, we who have the freedom to, for the most part, just carry on with our lives seemingly unaffected by the perpetual change occurring around us. Themes, fashion, and entertainment change not only with but often in the face of those seasons. Beyond that, the one constant we can all rely on is time passing, and musical themes to be written to all that we have and shall experience. I am thankful to be a part of that consistency for the people for whom I write, produce, and play music, and I thank you all for giving me something to do with my own restless desires. Here's this past week's thoughts. Enjoy, and see you on the dance floor soon enough.

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