George Carlin once aptly said: "You women be careful when you're standing in front of that Häagen-Dazs, because goddamn it, we're watching—and goddamn it, we're thinking."

We think George was onto something. Food is inherently sexy. Maybe it's the sheer number of phalically-shaped foods that sparked the sexualized connection for us, or maybe it's just because eating is an overhwelming experience of the senses that can only be found in one other place—between the sheets (or wherever you like to get down).

And, hey, we're not the only ones to take notice. Some of cinema's sexiest moments have used food as foreplay, or consuming an elaborate meal as a pre-cursor to being, ahem, consumed. Even others have fetishized food, using especially appealing cusine to get our appetites amped (and we're not talking just for the main course).

The new movie Toast, which debuted yesterday, is famous food writer Nigel Slater's testament to the seductive power of the stove. The flick, which stars Freddie Highmore as Nigel, shows how his stepmother (Helena Bonham Carter) successfully wins his father over with her baking prowess (and tantilizingly short aprons). Poor Nigel! He never stood a chance against the allure of those Lemon Merengue pies.

But Toast's most convinving argument for the sex appeal of appetitzers comes during a scene that takes the idea of "food porn" to a new, smuttier level, and shows Nigel getting naughty under the sheets, with only a cookbook and a flashlight, loudly moaning.

While food doesn't get us that hot, we do appreciate the ocassional indulgence in a little kinky food-inspired fun. Which is why we whipped up this list of The 10 Sexiest Food Scenes In Movies.  So join Complex for a toast to life's most savorable, simple pleasures: Food and Sex. And stay hungry, my friends.

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Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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