Stephen King could possibly be looking to add a few new haunted house clichés to our list, as the legendary scribe read excerpts from the work-in-progress book entitled Dr. Sleep. The prolific author was introduced publicly for the first time at George Mason University's 2011 Fall for the Book Festival this past Saturday, where King received the event's Mason Award. Upon accepting recognition for his "extraordinary contributions to bringing literature to a wide reading public," King riled up the crowd by saying, "I've always wondered what happened to that kid in The Shining." (See footage below.)

While the novel eventually will make its way onto shelves, chances are Dr. Sleep will be, perhaps, coming to a theater near you in the soon future. The original Stanley Kubrick-directed fright fest, which featured Jack Nicholson absolutely killing it as a man descending into madness, is one of our favorite haunted house movies ever. Still, after hearing that The Shining sequel involves a traveling band of psychic vampires, we're prepared to give Stephen King the gas face.

Maybe we'll be interested in this if King can find the original Danny Torrance (played by Danny Lloyd) who should now be close in age to the sequel's version of the character. So, readers, is a sequel to one of Stephen King's classic tales considered sacrilege? Or is it a long-awaited dream? Share your thoughts below.

[via /Film]

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