As of 2009, the United States prison system has held up an incarceration rate of 743 adults per 100,000-population: the highest documented rate in the world. Besides its overwhelming prisoner populace, the nation, along with millions of Americans, has also spent billions keeping these high-security complexes operating. So where is all this money being spent? While most politicians take our taxes and line their buddy's coffers, others have invested the dough in upgrading prison security systems—integrating some of the most advanced, secure, and even eco-friendly measures to keep criminals contained.

So if you end up catching a 25 to life bid, and are thinking about pulling a Shawshank Redemption, just pray you don’t end up calling one of these hi-tech fortresses home. Why is that? Because the odds say you won’t make it off the bunk bed in your cell. With that said, go behind bars and get a closer look at the 7 Most Hi-Tech Prisons In America.