Address35 Orchard St. (between Hester & Canal St.)
Best Bet: Braised Short Rib Sandwich ($8)

Cheeky's is not a sandwich spot you stumble upon, it's one you seek. Being unlabeled and unnumbered, it's hard to find unless you know what you're looking for, and what you're looking for is a bright blue door and white-washed picket fence.

No, you are not entering a suburban fairy tale. Instead, Cheeky's channels New Orleans, offering up lovely and legit NOLA sandwiches and muchables, all for under $10. Don't be thrown by the shabby (not so much chic) interior, Cheeky's is doing beautiful things on soft, billowy bread. Take the braised short rib ($8), a tide of tender beef and a horesradish zing all encompassed in a fresh, challah carb-pillow. The half shrimp, half oyster Po Boy ($8.50) is a unique eat too: its auntheticly awesome bread is imported straight from New Orleans and comes packed with heavily-dressed, freshly-fried sea fare.

Being relatively new to the streets of the LES, Cheeky's is lacking some things, most notably sufficient seating (there is one lonely bench), the inability to take plastic (cash only, kids) and a lack of adult beverages (a liquor license is on the way). For now you'll have to come equipped with cash and settle for a chicory coffee to wash it all down. The buzz that comes from knowing that you're dining in a relatively undiscovered den of New Orleans-inspired bliss, is enough, isn't it?