In an alternate universe, where all our secret wishes are fulfilled, Homer Simpson drinks Duffs and says "Doh!" all day long on our television, undiluted by less enjoyable programming and uninterrupted by needless commercials.

According to Slice of Sci-FI, this far off fantasy might become a reality. Well, minus the no-commercials part (there's no escaping those!) News Corp's COO Chase Carey recently announced that a TV channel devoted entirely to The Simpsons is in discussion amongst the higher-ups at Fox.

With everyone's favorite dysfunctional, jaundice-looking family on their way into its 23rd season and nearly 500 episodes, The Simpsons has more than enough material to pull this possibility off, but we'll have to wait until the show's current contracts expire before any news about the future of Homer and the gang is cemented. Here's to hoping!

[via AV Club and Slice of Sci-Fi]