By far our favorite choice of the festival was thatgamecompany’s latest creation: Journey. Besides being an absolutely gorgeous game with incredibly realistic sand dunes and colorful skies, Journey tells a story and portrays emotions without saying a word. As you complete levels, collecting what appears to be energy from flowing ribbons and thereby creating a bridge that you can traverse to the next entrance, a mysterious figure who we can only assume is your very powerful and wise ancestor greets you and grants you with an extra pattern on your dress for your accomplishments.

Journey is about exploration, and learning to collaborate with a silent, co-op partner. You can boost one another’s energy, which is used to jump and gracefully glide through the air for a short while. You can each explore on your own terms, and eventually even come across other players on their own journeys. Visual storytelling is often hard to pull off, especially with expressionless characters, but thatgamecompany has created a beautiful environment with compelling and, frankly, adorable characters. This is one of those games that will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for it.