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As much as the movie industry strives to be about artistic achievement, there's no denying that the true measuring stick of success is the cold hard cash that a film makes. And in a year that has beenpacked with blockbuster box office results, one movie now stands above the fray after bombing in spectacular fashion.

Sporting a unconvincing monster that would even make Roger Corman cringe, Creature opened over this past weekend to one of the worst box office performances of all time, taking in a mere $331,000, despite opening in a whopping 1,507 theaters, according to Yahoo Movies. That total, sadly, is the worst opening ever for a movie that has opened on more 1,500 screens. Congrats!

Directed by big screen neophyte Fred Andrews, Creature follows the clichéd horror plotline of a group of teenagers being terrorized in the woods by a mythical creature.

Box Office Mojo reports that Creature earned a paltry sum of $217 per theater, whereas a movie like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 made around $20,000 per theater on its opening day.

While we’re betting that the 35,000 people that actually saw this movie are wishing for their money back, we still can’t believe Creature is any worse than Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star, which also bombed hard and heavy this weekend with only $1.4 million.

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