Italian duo Crookers have carved out their own niche in the frenetic house music scene of late, delivering amped-up remixes of tracks from artists as diverse as U2 and Kid Cudi. And just like most house music, their stuff is best heard at top volume, preferably with some chemical enhancements—all the crisp claps, video game sounds and snappy hi-hat work just doesn’t deliver the goods when heard through tinny earbuds. An EP a few years back on Mad Decent caught the world’s attention, but mixes they’ve made recently—one last year for Brooklyn-based clothing label Mishka and another recorded in the waiting lounge of an airport (embedded below)—display the relentless energy that runs through their live sets.

Friday, September 9
10 p.m.
The Mid
306 N. Halsted, Chicago

Crookers Summer Delay Mix by