Even if you weren't lucky enough to get a screener of NBC's new sitcom Up All Night, the chances are good that you've seen most of the pilot in commercials that the network has run this summer. Starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents, trying to navigate raising a child with Applegate's job at a PR firm (headed by Maya Rudolph). It all sounds great... except it might change.

Out of the TCA summer press tour for NBC, TVLine reports that NBC president Robert Greenblatt said that Rudolph's Ava will go from being a PR wiz to a "larger-than-life" talk show host, with Applegate's character as her producer.  “We decided to change the workplace all together, to give Maya a better platform to do her thing,” said Greenblatt.

So, does that mean the Up All Night pilot will have to be reshot? NBC isn't saying, but if not, there is gonna be a lot of explaining to do come episode two.

[via TVLine]

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