The year 2006 defined a generation. America went from '90s grunge to boy bands to an era of conspicuous celebrity consumption, the Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan phase. That entire year, tabloids and nightly news segments honed in on reports about the ongoing feud between the two socialites and the hell that broke loose in L.A. whenever they would make up.

Over the past five years, Paris is not nearly as ubiquitous, and Lohan has become better known for her several unsuccessful trips to rehab, and stints in jail. Now, with Lindsay almost entirely free from legal drama, Paris Hilton has re-entered her life. Whether or not the 30 year-old Hilton will be a positive influence on Lindsay is yet to be determined, but as time has shown, peace between the two was always as fleeting as their tensions. Keep reading for the complete timeline of their tumultuous friendship.