Cheater: Tiki Barber
Date Of Affair: 2007 - Present

While not as famous as another intern who caused headlines of a sexual nature, blonde babe Traci Lynn Johnson was smack dab in the middle of controversy when it was announced that Ex-NFL player Tiki Barber had dumped his wife of 11 years (and who was eight months pregnant) for the 23-year-old hottie. The photogenic young woman had apparently met Barber in 2007 after he retired from pro football and began working as a Today show correspondent at NBC. Sources claim Traci traveled with Tiki to Senegal in late 2009 to shoot a documentary in Senegal and that she might have accompanied the former athlete to Vancouver a few months later when Barber was blogging about the Winter Olympics for Tiki Barber took a giant L in the public relations department for his actions. Yet by all reports, the couple is still together.