Director: Harry Elfton and Deborah Kaplan
Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Ethan Embry, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Charlie Korsmo
Lesson Learned: If a hot drunk chick is down to smash, don't lock yourself in a bathroom; by the time you get out, she has already banged half of the football squad.

It's not terribly inventive, but Can't Hardly Wait is the best '80s teen comedy released in the '90s. Shaped around one of those epic high school house parties that seem to only happen in movies, it's an ensemble flick that pays equal credence to each of its teen movie genre character types: the arrogant jock, the hot chick with a heart of gold, the nerd who wants the gold-hearted hottie, a wigger, and even the geek who turns sheik for a night.

Looking all kinds of sexy, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her glorious cleavage embody the perfect dream girl, even if her acting isn't always top-notch. And as the goofy white kid who's dying to be black, Seth Green swipes every one of his scenes with ease. The rest of the cast is likeable, too, but, really, Can't Hardly Wait earns its spot on this list simply for depicting the kind of domestic bash that we'd kill to travel back in time and experience as a teenager. The shindigs we hit up as high school kids either got broken up by coppers or featured more sausage than buns.