Back in the day, MTV used to loyally stand for Music Television. It still does, but 30 years ago yesterday, when the network first aired in the U.S., it was all about music videos. In fact, MTV's goal of being the primary music video channel was so clear that it aired its first video with exceptional and almost prophetic confidence: The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star."

Nowadays, people might take shots at the network for its questionable, non-music related programming. For instance, SNL refers to it as "Maternity Television," obviously for its Teen Mom marathons. But regardless of what it is now, MTV has always had one thing remain consistent throughout the past three decades: a stream of sexy female VJs. 

From MTV's House of Style correspondents to its TRL staples, these girls were hosts to our kind of afterschool specials. So, in the spirit of celebration for the network's long-running history, countdown the network's hottest VJs after the jump.

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