The popularization of mixed martial arts in the last seven or so years has meant more and more people, mostly unskilled, holding "pick-up" fights in backyards, on playgrounds, in basements. It's no surprise then that some of these people end up being girls. Unlikely to find another of their kind in the vicinity, girls looking to get in on the fun that is fighting for sport often have to match themselves up with willing male opponents. Filmed in One Night in Paris-style night-vision, this backyard brawl pits the girl, who has decent amateur form, against a scrawny noob whose buddies have seen one too many episodes of The Ultimate Fighter for anybody's well-being. This fight might deserve to be higher on the list for its one-sidedness, but once it goes to the ground, the obvious sexual innuendos fly ad nauseam. On top of that, somebody in the background has a bad case of acid reflux.

Watch the video here.