Selective breeding at its finest: ZBT frat bros are up in the deli for bagels and lox on a Sunday morning when shit suddenly gets crazy-real. Dude in the lime-green letters and the hot chick across the aisle are jawing each other, incomprehensibly, when somebody suggests they take it outside. The girl's boyfriend, still rocking the fake security jacket he bought at a Dave Matthew's show in '02, agrees. On his way out, ZBT offers the sorriest little shove (we're surprised he didn't hurt his wrist). That's when, out of nowhere, the girl cracks him in the face. They all wind up on the floor, in a pile. Lots of hilarious subtleties here make the fight better than it actually is, like the cowardly shit-talking of the Asian ZBT bro, and the girl's smile as she's yanked from the heap.

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