Be Polite

“People with manners will always be considered a good addition to the space. Guests should remember to be understanding and humble in the line. If you are told, 'no,' it's always for a reason. Perhaps there’s limited space inside and your group is too big; try back later. If you come to the door and give attitude right away, without even saying good evening, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending the night outside with us!”

- Aaron Elbaz & Bobby Persson, Operating Partners, GunBar (55 Gansevoort St.)


Be Yourself—Just More Put Together

“Everyone’s entitled to rock their own style. We highly suggest our clientele wear what they feel most comfortably in, as long as they wear it well. Your style doesn't matter as long as you’re put together. We're all about a healthy mix.”

- Aaron Elbaz & Bobby Persson