Kimsha Artest

Kimsha here hates Los Angeles, which kinda sucks for her considering she's on a show called Basketball Wives L.A., but maybe that'll make for some good existential crisis scenes in the show.

Anyway, she's a born and bred New Yorker, originally hailing from Jamaica, Queens, and apparently proud of it, which is pretty cool. She was married to L.A. Lakers wild man Ron Artest for 17 years, until 2009—it actually came out last month that they'd very quietly and amicably divorced way back when, but stay friends and remain focused on raising their three kids together. Pretty mature, can't really hate on that. Being married to Ron for all those years has given her a sort of veteran attitude about the lifestyle, so we expect lots of words of wisdom from this one in the series.

And, whatever this means, she shys away from the bling. Diamonds aren't her best friend?