When you picture Steve Jobs, most likely you picture him on stage. The otherwise reclusive inventor and CEO transformed into a complete ham at well-attended industry showcases like Mac World and later WWDC. Jobs had an unmatched stage presence at these potentially boring events, pacing the stage back and forth while bemoaning The State of Technology in broad, often cutting, strokes. He routinely cast whatever new device or software he was getting ready to introduce as a momentous breakthrough that could quite possibly change the world-- and audiences ate it up.  Jobs' keynotes became such influential events that observers often attributed him with creating a "reality distortion field."

Who can forget when he resurrected Apple live on stage with the iMac, or the dramatic reveal of the first iPhone, or the speech at this year's iPad 2 unveiling where he coined the increasingly prescient phrase "Post-PC?" Jobs was a preternatural public speaker, and it's hard to imagine how anyone will be able to fill his shoes.