Have you seen Lazy Cakes at your local convenience store? You may not for much longer. These brownies, which contain unusually high levels of melatonin, are marketed as "relaxation brownies." They're marketed in such a way that "relaxation" seems to mean "stoner." Except they won't get you high; they'll just put you to sleep for 12+ hours (give or take).

Much like Drank, the beverage purported to slow your roll just like Sprite you've dyed Easter pink with promethazine-codeine, Lazy Cakes are an impostor product. And the FDA might not stand for it much longer. Gothamist reports that the company responsible for the brownies has been warned that "the government considers them unsafe," meaning they might go the way of Four Loko.

If you can't score more Ambien, consider stockpiling Lazy Cakes, the cheaper alternative.

[via Gothamist]