Embarrassed cause you had your Beats headphones on too loud and someone heard you bumpin’ to “Super Mario Bros. Theme?” These joints should maintain your musical taste and video game fandom all in one sitting.

So your iPod isn’t really your best friend at the moment, huh? Played “Tupac Back” to death? Know all the lyrics to “I’m on One?” Sung “She Ain’t You” one too many times? Well, give these tunes a listen and potentially a download. Gamers know their favorite video game songs for three simple reasons: their familiarity, ability to incite nostalgia and extreme catchiness. Play these in the car with your friends in tow and watch as they nod their heads and ask you what these songs are. Get your headphones ready as we count down the top 16 Video Game Themes You Can Dance To. Tune into HotVG.1 FM.

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