There are few films about fictional New York Jets football players who get accidentally shot into space and end up saving humanity from evil bald men. Even fewer with soundtracks written and performed entirely by Queen. But in 1980, such suspensions of disbelief were possible, apparently, and as a result, we have Flash Gordon, perhaps one of the campiest science fiction films of that decade.

Starring Sam Jones as the titular hero and Max von Sydow as the nefarious Ming the Merciless, the film is based on the 1930s comic strip created by Alex Raymond. It's a strange world outlined here, full of laughable sets, over-the-top acting and, of course, Queen. Can't wait for the inevitable remake starring Danny McBride as Flash and Puff Daddy as Ming, with a soundtrack by Maroon 5.

Flash Gordon (1980)
Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20
Midnight (both nights)
Mayan Theatre
110 Broadway, Denver
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