From a recent NYTimes article about the events of August 23, 2011: “I ran outdoors and found my neighbor calling a friend in Virginia who also felt the profound quake.”

"The profound quake." 

So there was an earthquake yesterday. At Complex, we discovered we'd experienced one via Twitter, but it seems that other people actually felt something stemming from the 5.8 magnitude 'quake that originated in Virginia. On the West Coast, earthquakes bust up bridges and pancake freeways and, you know, hurt people. On this side of the continent, our temblor...set off like five or six car alarms on our block.

Yesteday's big shake totally freaked some people out. If yesterday you found yourself doing any of the following, there's a good chance you're a punk. Here are 10 Ways To Tell You Overreacted To The East Coast Earthquake.