It's no secret that Olivia Blois Sharpe and Tracy DiMarco have their issues on the Style Network's Jerseylicious, and, like any good reality stars, they absolutely know how to "work" those issues out in front of the camera...loudly. But in Sunday's new episode, that loud fighting turns seriously brutal when the two get into a fight at a bar that results in Olivia actually kicking Tracy in the head.

Says Tracy to E! Online:

"I thought that I had got knocked out by a bouncer. I remember my arm hurting. My arm hurt really, really bad and my head was pounding and everything was blurry...To kick somebody in the head is to really want to cause damage to somebody. You have to really want to hurt them badly."

Tracy insists that now, even though she has seen footage of the fight and knows it was Olivia who kicked her, she doesn't want to get back at her co-star. "I just want it to be over," she continued. "I'm lucky that she didn't have her heel on."

You can watch the fight footage above.

[Via E! Online]