In the year that has passed since the last issue of Ex Machina was released, Brian K. Vaughan has been busy writing movies and TV shows. Comic fans will be glad to know that he is finally coming back to the world of comic books with the 2012 sci-fi series Saga. Vaughan revealed the premise of the book at the Image Comics panel on Saturday and promised fans in attendance that the book would be a "balls to the wall sci-fi book."

Vaughan made a name for himself in comics by creating the legendary Vertigo title Y: The Last Man and writing hit series such as The Runaways and Mystique at Marvel over the past decade. And while his most mainstream work has been as a staff writer on the hit TV series Lost, Vaughan stated that he has no dreams for Saga to become bastardized into a movie or TV show.

The writer told Comics Alliance: "The comic should be the destination...not the blueprint." And that sentiment is a welcome change in philosophy compared to most comic writers with dreams of Hollywood success and dollar signs in their eyes. We’re looking at you, Mark Millar.