Did you hear that sound of trampling over the weekend? That was the sound of thousands of comic book geeks migrating to the West Coast to be front and center for San Diego Comic-Con. The convention used to feature just a few collectors hocking their old comics in order to afford their studio apartment rent and a couple of heavy-set nerds attempting to squeeze into their old homemade superhero outfits, but Comic-Con has grown immensely over the decades.

Now San Diego is a hub for movie studios and comic companies to drop bombshell announcements on fans in order to create mild hysteria among the geek world. From shocking news to exclusive footage and A-list stars, Comic-Con has transcended the comic book medium and is now a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon.

The problem with the convention being so high-profile is that it’s nearly impossible to get a ticket unless you are particularly vigilant or have a ton of disposable income. So, in order to spread the news from Comic-Con to people who couldn’t get there, or people that simply didn’t want to experience the smell of thousands of geeks baking in the hot California sun, we’re here to give you the down low on the Top 10 Stories That Came Out Of San Diego Comic-Con.

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