Shop: ED Gas Station

Address: Meuspath, 53520 Nürburg

Shopping at a gas station? Yes. Seems odd, we know. We were hesitant when we were brought to ED for the first time, as well. Then we saw a BMW M3 GTS and a Porsche 911 GT3 pull in to fill their tanks before heading to the Nordschleife and decided to stay a while. Besides the crazy array of race-prepped cars that flow in and out of the gas station, the adjoined shop stores a great selection of Nürburgring memorabilia like shirts, DVDs, posters, awesome books, and steering wheels. Walk to the back room and you'll be completely surrounded by one of the sickest model car collections we've ever seen. Any car you like, ED has a model for it. You're going to pass it going to and from the 'Ring, you might as well stop in.