Read the bucket list of any real automotive enthusiast and "Visit and drive the Nürburgring" is sure to be in the top five. Built in the 1920s to provide racers a safer alternative to racing on public roads, the 'Ring has gone through a number of changes and revisions resulting in the set-up we have today: a modern Grand Prix track built in 1984 and a longer, wilder North Loop called the Nordschleife.

It's the track auto companies use to test their performance cars, the track a Chinese company attempted, but failed to replicate, the track racing legend Jackie Stewart called The Green Hell. It's legendary. Even if you have no plans to drive it, you should still visit and set up shop with the spectators and watch the amazing array of cars fly around the 73 corners.

This Sunday, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Germany will take place at the Nürburgring Grand Prix track. While it's too late for you to plan a trip to go watch it in person, we thought it to be the perfect time to prep you on what to do should you decide to make the trip to the 'Ring.