5. Even the lingerie commercials he directs are high-octane.

The marketing department at Victoria’s Secret’s corporate headquarters knows exactly what they’re doing. Back in 2009, the company decided to shake their commercial game up, injecting adrenaline into the kinds of TV spots that generally show lingerie-clad hotties walking around posh apartment in slow-motion, with a random track off of Enya’s Greatest Hits. And how does a multi-billion dollar entity let loose and sell some underwear as if it were Mountain Dew? By hiring veteran commercial director Bay, of course.

Vickie’s Secret has employed the filmmaker multiple times, but their collaboration in ’09, released in time for the Christmas rush, remains Bay’s greatest achievement for small screen advertising consumption. With booming rock playing on full blast, Bay ogled—with his camera, of course—Victoria’s Secret’s best models, including a then-unknown Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, in wide open deserts, in front of explosions, and in those familiar posh apartments seen in traditional undies spots; only, in Bay’s vision, the models play extreme rules pool and throw daggers at one another for fun.

How does this all sell lingerie? Fuck if we know; nonetheless, we’re buying whatever Bay and Victoria’s Secret are selling. Which, if you give it a second’s worth of thought, is a two-for-one deal of tits and ass.

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