IKEA, the Swedish home furniture giant, has announced a partnership with ECOtality, to place the latter company’s Blink electric vehicle charging stations outside of select IKEA locations in Western states. 

Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington are the states selected to feature the charging stations at select stores, after being evaluated for “feasibility and installation needs.” 

 The program, announced today in a press release by IKEA and ECOtality, is scheduled to last through December 2012, though obviously, its design seems crafted with long-term sustainability in mind.

 The move bolsters IKEA’s green credibility, a reputation that they have strove for with a series of calculated environmental-sustainability moves, including the installation of solar energy panels in eight IKEA stores (with solar panels for 12 other locations in development), and a Centennial, CO location that boasts a geothermal system, slated to open this year.

 [via engadget and ECOtality]