Transformers: Dark Of The Moon may be setting records at the box office, but that didn’t stop director Michael Bay from cutting a few corners during production, or so it seems. The Hollywood Reporter found a YouTube video online that apparently points out the striking similarities between a car crash scene in Dark Of The Moon and a wreck in Bay’s 2005 flop The Island. We all know that the man has filmed a lot of destruction during his career, but there is no way that these two shots just happened to coincidentally look so similar. 

Was this shot simply an homage to his underappreciated sci-fi flick, or was it a case of an unforgiving shooting schedule that called for a few cost-cutting measures? We're betting on the latter. Luckily for Bay, nobody really saw The Island so his reputation shouldn't take a bigger hit than it usually does whenever he's in the news.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]