Since The X-Men #1 was first published in 1963, X-Men books have always had the power to turn artists into superstars. Drawing Marvel's Merry Mutants is one of the most highly sought after jobs for any comic artist in the business, and for many it's considered a lifelong dream. Over the years, dozens of artists have tried their hand at crafting a unique look for the X-Men, but only a certain few ever truly redefined the team's look.

Unfortunately, a lot of artists try too hard to mimic what came before them without trying to present something original. But every couple of years, an artist always comes along and completely tears down the X-Men and re-invents them for a new generation. New costumes, complete character overhauls, and eye-popping penciling techniques can turn the well-worn mutants into something fresh and new again. With this weekend's release of the popular franchise's latest film adaptation, X-Men: First Class, we pay our respects to the legacy of this venerable comic book franchise by counting down the top 10 X-Men artists!