Terminator 5 hit a snag when word about the Lovenator's, a.k.a Arnold Schwarzenegger, affair became public knowledge. But that doesn't seem to have affected plans to get the Justin Lin-directed film up and running sooner rather than later. Last month saw Megan Ellison's Annapurna Productions strike a deal to make two more Terminator films, and while Schwarzenegger puts his projects on hold, there are reports that Terminator 5 may have gained Fast Five star Paul Walker.

Walker, one of the worst actors in Hollywood history by our estimation may play the adult version of Kyle Reese, or possibly a new character. All you have to do is watch She's All That, Into The Blue, or Takers to understand why we're scratching our heads. What's clearly apparent is that Annapurna Productions and Justin Lin want to give the sci-fi actioner a Star Trek-style reboot, with a torn timeline setting up a narrative thread to veer off from without contradicting the past.

As far as Arnold's involvement, word is that his Hollywood comeback has been reduced to something more akin to a cameo. Maybe they can take a page out of Terminator: Salvation and tell Walker that he doesn't even need to show up.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]