Controversial filmmaker Kevin Smith could be headed to television with a new reality series. But before you assume any television show from Smith would have to appear on G4, check out which network the director says is interested in what he has to offer: AMC, the critically Teflon channel of the moment.

The show will take place in Smith's New Jersey based comic book store, The Secret Stash, and, according to Smith, the series is "not looking for actors," but rather "real people who live and breath the comic book lifestyle. Must be funny outgoing and have a knowledge and passion for comics, superheroes, movie memorabilia and everything that goes with it."

While AMC hasn't confirmed anything yet, Smith himself took to Twitter to let the potential cat out of the bag. When asked what network would air the show, he wrote, "A really cool one. That makes awesome shows. That I watch. Fuck it: it's @AMC_TV."

What would Don Draper say.

[via IGN]

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