Just because Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, doesn't mean Ma-Sheen won't be returning to televisions in the near future. At least if you believe TMZ and Sheen himself. The website reports that Sheen is in "deep negotiations" with a television network to air a new comedy series. Also, hell froze over, apparently.

As Deadline points out, those "deep negotiations" aren't with CBS or NBC, two networks decidedly out of the Sheen business. ABC has many comedies on its schedule as well (the Sheen show would air in midseason), leaving only Fox as a landing spot. But even Fox doesn't appear interested, or the network didn't when Sheen was shopping something in the spring. As one source told Deadline, Sheen is "uninsurable." Is that all?

Not that Sheen won't be back on television. Reports suggest that his guest-star potential is very high with numerous people interested. Maybe he can even appear on Two and a Half Men? Har, just kidding.

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