Idris Elba's breakthrough moment might finally be on the horizon. Last week, Idris Elba the man once known as Stringer Bell tweeted about meeting with a "controversial director" whom many thought to be Quentin Tarantino, about the filmmaker's next project, the Spaghetti Western-inspired Django Unchained. And now, Elba's fire-streak just got a little bit hotter as word has circulated that Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures are interested in the Thor co-star for the massive sci-fi film Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim centers on yet another battle between giant space monsters and humans, though this time the earthlings will fight the aliens by piloting giant robots. Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam has already been cast as the film's lead. Being a part of a del Toro film is most certainly a big deal, and with Elba currently filming Prometheus with X-Men: First Class standout Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, it looks like the British actor is generating huge interest within Hollywood. We're not mad at that.

[Via The Wrap]