Guillermo del Toro, the genre stalwart behind the Hellboy movies, may have found the leading man for his futuristic monster movie, Pacific Rim. According to Deadline, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is in final negotiations to star in the film, which will see del Toro return to the director’s chair after relinquishing his The Hobbit directorial duties and watching his long-planned adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's  At the Mountains of Madness fall by the wayside.

Pacific Rim will focus on a group of giant creatures hell-bent on destroying all of Earth's major cities. And, of course, the humans won’t just stand around and watch, so they have to craft a whole plethora of futuristic weaponry to combat the threat. Expect tons of explosions and, since it's a del Toro production, much awesomeness. 

[Via Deadline

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