Forbes has released its list of the "Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30," and no, your boy LeBron James isn't number one. Hell, he's not even number two—unless we're talking about him playing like shit when it mattered against the Dallas Mavericks. That spot belongs to Justin Bieber, who, despite pulling $53 million in the last fiscal year, isn't even close to Lady Gaga, who made $90 million for the top spot. (It just goes to show that the disposable income of gay males trumps the hell out of tween allowances.)

Alas, poor Bron-Bron got the third spot with $48 million, and he still couldn't buy a crunchtime bucket in the NBA Finals. Also, Taylor Swift nailed down the fifth spot with $45 million and no discernible talent, and former list topper Beyoncé is in the eighth spot with a mere $35 million. Next thing you know, she'll be on the bread line.

[via X17]