Don’t get us wrong. We love the 360, and we love the PS3. As gamers, we can’t live without them. But since we’ve been Nintendo fans since childhood, we had a certain feeling of satisfaction when the Wii outsold both the 360 and the PS3 combined early on in its lifespan. We were seriously Team Nintendo back then.

Sure, the Wii probably didn’t deserve to be on top at the time, and things have definitely shifted since then (Wii Sports, for instance, is no longer next-level). But it was exciting as all hell to see Nintendo back on top again, just like the olden days. The Wii-mote was impressive upon the console’s release, and Nintendo looked like gods among men when it came to innovation. Both Sony and Mircrosoft have since followed suit with the Move controller and the Kinect, respectively. They had to—Nintendo was tearing them apart.


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